Private investment in Spain confirms interest in the Biotechnology and Life Sciences sector

Sep 25 2018

Regemat 3D


The Executive Managing Director of Regemat 3D, Manuel Figueruela, participated with a presentation in the investment forum of BioSpain 2018 that took place between September 25 and 27 in Seville. More than 50 attendees confirmed their interest in the investment in the sector of Biotechnology where Regemat is positioned as a global reference company.

Just in 2017, 27 rounds of investment were carried out, surpassing the amount of 93 million euros for companies in the biotechnology and health sector. It has to be emphasized that 9 of the 42 companies listed in the MAB belong to the pharmaceutical or biotechnological sector.

The companies of the sector usually need capital to carry out their projects, hence the interest in organizing an Investment Forum within the framework of the Biospain2018 fair. The forum had the collaboration of the Junta de Andalucía and the Spanish Association of Biocompanies (ASEBIO), within the framework of the most important fair in the sector at European level, where more than 800 companies attend and more than 3,000 are carried out one-to-one meeting. Regemat 3D opens its capital and prepares a round of two million of euros that will open in the last quarter of 2018.