superhydrophobic/superoleophobic coatings


Digital Trade Solutions


We work hard to get the best Nanotechnology Products at your disposal. GoGoNano brand is brought to you by Estonian company Digital Trade Solutions O founded in 2013. Since then we've been offering our customers unique and highly useful line of nanotechnology products. Our goal is to offer our customers 100% satisfaction, using the most cutting edge technology and tools.What we offer?Our products are acclaimed all over the world and can be used for the most of your items. Also they are environmentally friendly which makes us a pioneer in this field.The very special Liquid Shield will provide a special invisible protective layer on surfaces like metal, plastic and glass. This will keep the new look of your device, protect from damages and has an anti-static effect.We also have a great product for your vehicle, providing protection to its wheels, doors, lights, windows and more. Called as the Liquid Skin, the product is a super hit and highly demanded by the customers. You can keep your car look like brand new straight from the showroom using Liquid Skin, saying goodbye to all the scratches and ugly spots.Last but not least, there's also a product called Stay Dry that keeps your leather and textile items safe and secure. The idea is to keep your coats, carpets, wallets and boots water repellent and dirt/dust free and prolong their life cycle.You can always count on our wide product range to protect your belongings, making them stay clean and last longer. Feel free to try these out and you will see the difference!