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scanning probe microscopy and bottom-up nanotechnology


Institute of Physical Problems

Russian Federation

The Institute of Physical Problems named after F. V. Lukin was founded in 1964. Today, the Institute carries out applied research in nanoelectronics and micromechanics. The Institute possesses an analytical instrumentation along with process facilities based on synchrotron light source with electron beam energy up to 2.5 GeV. During its history, the Institute performed research and development of materials, processes, elements, structures, devices, and equipment for micro-, nano-, opto-, molecular, and superconductor electronics, namely, nonvolatile reprogramming memory, charge-coupled devices, a memory based on magnetic bubble domains, high-performance light-emitting diodes on heterostructures of gallium arsenide, cryoelectronic integrated circuits with Josephson junctions, circuits based on materials with high-temperature superconductivity. The Institute conducted researches on organic monomolecular Langmuir-Blodgett films, liquid-crystals, scanning probe microscopes, image intensifiers. The Institute manufactures microcantilevers for scanning probe microscopes, IR-emitters, silicon membranes of submicron thickness for sensing elements of various transducers. The Institute gave birth to a world's leader in development and manufacture of scanning probe microscopes the NT-MDT company

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