materials science, nanoscience, nanofluidics, nanoplasmonics, catalysis


Langhammer Lab


We perform high-quality scientific research at the interface between materials science, nanoscience, nanofluidics, nanoplasmonics, and catalysis, with a particular focus on sustainable energy-related nanomaterials and nanosensors. For that purpose we continuously develop and evolve our own methodologies for state-of-the-art nanofabrication, as well as build our own customized research instrumentation. To strengthen our impact we work in close collaboration with expert theoreticians in the respective fields. To make a long-term positive impact with our research in society, we continuously evaluate dissemination and commercialization opportunities. As a group, we strive for being a dynamic, international and multidisciplinary work environment where teamwork and creativity are stimulated and highly valued, and where achieving the highest possible quality in our work is the key guideline.