Material Science, Biopharmaceuticals, Alternative energy films

Liquidia Technologies, Inc.


Liquidia's proprietary PRINT technology brings the pharmaceutical industry the ability to design drug particles uniformly and across nearly any number of compositions, size, or shapes. This novel process optimizes the performance of existing or new therapeutics, whether they are based on small molecules, peptides or biologics. The end result? Medications work as planned, the first time around. Patients get better and feel better faster. PRINT technology integrates proprietary particle molding technology with a modular, roll-to-roll manufacturing process to create precisely-constructed cavities in which particle chemistry can occur. This approach overcomes the design and loading level limitations of existing particle technologies. PRINT technology applies best practices from several sectors, including nano-scale techniques from the semiconductor industry and scalable processes from the films industries, to create a novel, highly cost-effective cGMP-compliant process. With PRINT technology, companies no longer need to purchase and manage multiple specialized technologies to achieve commercial-scale production.