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Characterization, Measure Nanoparticles Size Distribution, Measure Kinetic Processes of Nanoparticles, Measure Concentration of Nanoparticles, Nanoparticles Characterization


MANTA Instruments


MANTA is producing scientific instruments that use breakthrough optical technology to visualize, count and measure each nano-particle in a liquid sample much more effectively than existing instruments. Extensive experiments by MANTA done in collaboration with world-leading companies in biotech, pharma and energy have confirmed that MANTA satisfies all three of these unmet needs even for highly polydisperse samples with one easy to use bench-top instrument. In addition, they have confirmed that their first product, the ViewSizer 3000, has the following capabilities: 1) Measurement of nanoparticle API dissolution rate, including visualization of the particles dissolving. 2) Real-time visualization of protein aggregation in a neat biologic sample which was a very complex mixture. This allows a customer to see if an expected aggregation trigger actually is a trigger. 3) Accurate measurements of size, concentration, and particle size distribution, along with related particle visualization for proteins, exosomes and live viruses.

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