MicroFab Technologies Inc.


MicroFab develops and commercializes high-payoff applications for microdispensing and precision printing using ink-jet technology. The capabilities of ink-jet microdispensing are applicable to a wide range of industries and applications. Examples include microdispensing of nanometal dispersions & precursors; liquid solders; adhesives; optical and electrical polymers; and biomedical materials, including diagnostic reagents, proteins, and DNA. The speed, precision, and digital nature of ink-jet printing technology makes it well suited for automated control in the manufacturing plant or research laboratory. MicroFab, founded in 1984, has been a pioneer in developing manufacturing technologies and instrumentation based on piezoelectric ink-jet dispensing. These efforts have led to 42 issued patents assigned to MicroFab, and we have authored 27 for our customers. MicroFab offers our customers solutions to their microdispensing requirements by offering a combination of consulting services, application development services, job-shop services, and equipment sales. Underlying the equipment and services we offer to our customers is our ongoing in-house research efforts on novel applications of ink-jet technology.