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Nanopowders,Thin Films, Nanohybrids, colloid solutions, nanopowders


Nano-H S.A.S.


At NANO-H S.A.S. we are relying on fifteen years of experience in the field of nanotechnologies, nanoparticles and nanomedicine as well as more than 10 patents, our initial innovation base. Nano-H has won an Innovating & Excellence price from the french Ministry of Research . Cedric Louis, Pascal Perriat, Stephane Roux and Olivier Tillement with over 10 to 15 years of experience in the Nano-Hybrid fields create Nano-H SAS in 2004. Nano-H positions itself upstream of industrial applications and proposes its services in industrial dimensioning of innovative and validated nanotechnology solutions in laboratory phase, by the control of the entire chain of value : from proof of concept to production. Nano-H has built a leading position in Nanomedecine, multifunctionnal and theragnostic particles. Nano-H S.A.S trade consists in developing and providing appropriate answers to both the application and the specifications. Nano-materials are adapted to your demands and particular settings by using innovative solutions and providing multi-parameters solutions associating functionalities as well as specific properties (physical, chemical, biological)

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