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Nanotechnology. Color/transmittance changeable nano materials & films for Displays, Bio & Security


South Korea

NANOBRICK is a new performance material pioneer based on "Active Nano Platform" inspired by mother nature. Established in 2007, it continuously developed new nano-materials that are either color changeable or transmittance controllable depending on external electric or magnetic field.

ETX, EPD are electrically controllable display materials that change colors depending on the electric field. EX-Film(E-Spectra) and EP-Film(E-Skin) will open a new era for ePaper applications.

ETD is an electrically controllable display material that changes transmittance depending on the electric field. ET-Film(E-Tint) will be widely used as a smart window in the near future.

MTX is a magnetically color changeable material that is already successfully applied in the anti-counterfeiting market for banknotes, ID cards, passports, etc.

SPM is a magnetic bead material that is widely used for nucleic acid extraction for COVID PCR tests.

Having all of these technologies and their actual market applications, NANOBRICK was listed in the KOSDAQ market in 2019 and continuously scale up its business portfolios in Security, Bio and Displays.

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