Electron Microscopy,Nanomaterials,Nanopowders,Nanowires,Spectroscopy

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Nanyang Technological University initiated the first materials engineering degree programme in Singapore under the Division of Materials Engineering in 1991. With the increasing demand for materials engineers, the division was subsequently elevated into a full-fledged engineering school in 2000. Now the School of Materials Science and Engineering stands as one of the world�s largest materials engineering institutions, comprising more than 1000 undergraduates and 230 research students.

The School of Materials Science and Engineering has undergone substantial transformation over the years. While continuing to equip students with the latest scientific and technological skills sets much needed by the industry, the School has evolved into a hub of excellence in its niche areas of research. As part of NTU�s College of Engineering, MSE is now recognised worldwide as a premier research institution with top universities, multinational corporations and R&D institutions as its research collaborators and funding partners.