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Supramolecular Nanomaterials and Interfaces Laboratory - Constellium Chair (SUNMIL)


The Supramolecular Nano-Materials and Interfaces Laboratory works to extend the concepts of supramolecular chemistry to nanoscale materials and surface engineering. In the same way that supramolecular chemistry is 'chemistry beyond the molecules' (J.-M. Lehn), supramolecular materials science is the study of materials and surfaces whose composition and structure is determined by intramolecular interactions. ?One of the overarching goals of the group stems from a simple observation. A bird's eye view of any folded protein shows a complex surface composed of hydrophobic and hydrophilic patches closely packed. To date little is known on the fundamental properties that such packing determines. SuNMIL aims at finding these properties first by finding suitable supramolecular materials that present such coexistence of hydrophobic and hydrophilic domains (Nature Materials '04) and then by determining unique properties that this supramolecular morphology determines. These properties can be basic physical chemistry ones (PNAS '08, Nature Materials '09) or novel assembly properties (Science '07) as well as biological interactions (Nature Materials '08). The Laboratory spans many fields, from synthesis and characterization to property measurements, with a multidisciplinary approach and many active collaborations. All forms of diversity are welcomed and fostered.