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Trifli Technologies


Trifli Technologies Pvt. Ltd. was founded to provide Nanotechnology enabled protective coatings for use across a wide range of industries and surfaces. The company manufactures 30+ variants of Nanotechnology enabled coatings which are used in clothing, furniture, leather, construction, infrastructure, automotive, hospitality, and many more industries. Nanotechnology is the manipulation of matter at the molecular scale sized between 1 to 100 nanometers, i.e. a billionth of a meter. At this level, molecules are engineered to harness powerful natural features at an extremely large scale resulting in various benefits to multiple industries and aspects to human life. Our revolutionary Nano-coatings are based on the Lotus Effect. This refers to the high water repellency exhibited by the superhydrophobic lotus leaves. Lotus leaves have nano-sized hair particles that do not allow water molecules to settle onto their surface, resulting in water droplets simply trickling away taking dirt particles along with; thus creating a self cleaning effect. This is one of many protective features exhibited by our coatings. Trifli Technologies Pvt. Ltd. owns the Vetro Power brand, a revolutionary range of retail products focused on care, cleanliness, efficiency and protection available online & in over 150+ stores in India, South Korea & UAE.

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