The Nanotechnology World Network: Ecosystem Partners


Established in 2010 within the National University of Singapore, the Graphene Research Centre (GRC) was created for the conception, characterization, theoretical modeling, and development of transformative technologies based on two-dimensional crystals, such as graphene.

Veolia is a French transnational company with activities in four main service and utility areas traditionally managed by public authorities – water management, waste management, public transport and energy services. In 2012, Veolia employed 318,376 employees in 48 countries.

The Young-Quantum group is an experimental physics group, led by Prof. Robert Young, who holds a Chair in Quantum Information at Lancaster University and an Adjunct Professor at IFFS (Chengdu). They focus on developing practical quantum devices for applications in information and communication technologies (ICT). Research from the group is being commercialised via the spin-out company Quantum Base. Their research straddles three main disciplines: material science, quantum optics and information security.

The National Graphene Association brings together current and future graphene stakeholders — entrepreneurs, companies, researchers, developers and suppliers, investors, venture capitalists and government agencies — to drive innovation, and to promote and facilitate the commercialization of graphene products and technologies in the United States. As a premier networking and information platform, NGA’s role is to expedite the integration of graphene into the commercial arena by providing its members: 1) access to critical graphene technology industry information, and 2) strategic networking opportunities to form collaborations and crucial partnerships.


ESA Space Solutions is the go-to place for great business ideas involving space in all areas of society and economy. We support entrepreneurs in Europe to develop businesses using satellite applications and space technology.

Quantum Base invents, develops and licenses technology in the field of quantum security, semiconductors and telecoms componentry. Quantum Base is rapidly becoming one of the world’s leading quantum security intellectual property (IP) suppliers. The technology they design will be at the heart of many of the quantum security solutions sold in the future.

The Collège Français de Métrologie is a French association, with an industrial vocation, and gathers more than 450 members on 1st January 2017.

The CFM aims to disseminate the good practices for Measurement and Metrology over people of the measurement World through its various actions. All industrial and technical fields are concerned: mechanic, health, energy, agri-food industry, pharmaceutical, chemistry, training... The following functions are targeted: technician, laboratory manager, quality manager, R&D, engineering, production, control and management.

The University of Lancaster, is a British University and research institute in the UK. Established in 1964, the university is one of the few UK universities to have a system of colleges, of which eight are available for undergraduate programs and a college for master programs.

Hello Tomorrow is a global non-profit on a mission to accelerate the transfer of breakthrough technologies into real world solutions by highlighting, empowering and connecting the most promising deep-tech entrepreneurs across the globe with the right enablers.

REGEMAT 3D is a biotech company focused on regenerative medicine and pioneer in a new and promising area called bioprinting, that uses 3D printing technologies for regenerative therapies. They promote the creation of an open community to boost the clinical applications of bioprinting.

Materials Research Forum LLC, is located in Millersville, PA. It is managed by Thomas Wohlbier who has served the publishing community, especially the materials research community, for over 20 years. During his 12 years as Director of Publication he initiated and oversaw the publication of over 2000 titles including monograph books, special topical volumes and conference proceedings volumes.
The policy of Materials Research Forum LLC is to focus exclusively on materials related research and serve the INDIVIDUAL publishing needs of researchers in this field.