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European Space Agency Business Applications

The European Space Agency (ESA) has launched ESA Space Solutions which funds and supports innovative ideas and new solutions coming from the most promising fields of new technologies, nanotechnology being one of them. ESA Business Applications, which is part of ESA Space Solutions, offers various funding opportunities for entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs.
Being the largest network of nanotechnology contacts in the world, the NWA is collaborating with ESA by extending this program’s reach to NWA global nanotechnology network of researchers and start-up entrepreneurs.

Benefits of ESA Space Solutions

The ESA Space Solutions programme with its Business Applications element aims to show that space is open for business and has the power to improve our everyday lives on Earth. This is done by helping companies to integrate space data and technology into commercial services.
Successful applicants to ESA Business Applications will receive:

Zero-equity funding (from €50k to €2M+, per activity).
A dedicated ESA consultant.
Technical & commercial guidance.
Access to the ESA’s network of partners, ESA Near ME. 
Credibility of the ESA brand. 

ESA is particularly interested in applications of space technology to previously untapped consumer markets. These services should use one (or more) of the following space assets:

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Human Spaceflight Technologies

Satellite Communication

Satellite Navigation

Earth Observation

Space Weather

Who can participate?

Your idea might be eligible for funding through ESA’s Business Applications program if:

1. It uses satellite data or space technologies like:


  • Earth observation – This includes satellite imagery, mapping, using weather data, remote sensing, using GIS systems, and detecting changes to the environment from space.

  • Satellite navigation – like GPS or GNSS, and geo-tagging data collected from sensors on Earth.

  • Satellite communication – which provides internet, video, and voice calls via satellite link – this is especially useful for services in remote areas e.g. deserts, out at sea.


2. Your company is based in any of the following European countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland or the United Kingdom.


ESA Business Applications offers funding for feasibility studies and demonstration projects to allow the industry to explore and pilot innovative ideas and services in pursuit of commercially sustainable outcomes. If you have an innovative idea for a service that applies space technology/data and nanotechnologies to solve problems on Earth, please complete the application form. Additionally, please see below for information on currently open competitions for funding with predefined themes.