16th International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Controls (ISCO)




Rochester, NY, USA


Karpagam College of Engineering has been successfully organising the International Conference on “Intelligent Systems and Controls (ISCO)” since 2008 under various state of the art technologies as given below,

Emerging Global Technologies

Intelligent communication, electronics and electrical control system

Technologies Enhanced Learning

Microsystems Technology and its Application

Robotics and Automation

Computing and Networking

Intelligent System for Smarter Automation

Green and Sustainable Technologies

Green Challenges and Smarter Solutions

Green Technologies for Global Economic and Social Development

Smart and Sustainable Intelligent Technologies for Digital World

This conference provides an opportunity to interact with researchers, practicing engineers, scientists, faculty members and research scholars from various R&D institutions and engineering colleges. The conference will focus on Intelligent Systems and Controls and its applications.



- Composite Materials

- Green Logistics and Supply Chain Management

- Smarter Materials and Nano Materials

- Optimization Techniques/ Reverse Engineering


- Robotics/Mechatronics

- Renewable Energy/Storage/Management

- Safety, Reliability and Risk Assessment

- Fracture Mechanics

- Advanced Materials and Manufacturing

- Thermal Management/Heat Transfer

- Product Development Strategies

- General Mechanic

- MMS/NEMS Technologies and Applications

- Intelligent Transportation Systems

- Green Manufacturing

- Fluid Engineering Systems and Technologies

- Dynamic Vibration and Cloud



- Energy Storage Devices and Systems

- Flexible AC Transmission Systems

- Intelligent Energy Distribution and Management

- Power Electronics and Drives / Power Quality Issues

- Adaptive and Learning Control

- Nonlinear Systems

- Process Control Engineering /Industrial Automation/Renewable Energy Applications

- Distributed Control System

- Sensor Networks

- Soft Computing

- Swarm Intelligence

- System Identification

- Virtual Instrumentation

- Earth Station System and Technology

- Fuzzy Expert Systems

- Fuzzy Logic Control

- High Voltage Engineering

- Intelligent Automation

- Intelligent Instrumentation

- Mimetic Computing

- Multi-Objective Optimization

- Multivariable Control

- Multimeter Wave Technologies

- Artificial Intelligence

- Neuro – Fuzzy Control

- Non Linear Control Optimization Algorithm

- PLC, SCADA Based Systems

- Power Systems

- Renewable Energy

- Robotics and Automation



- Ad hoc Network and Wireless

- Communication Technologies

- Digital Signal Processsing/ Image Processing

- VLSI Design and Technology

- Optical Network and Switches

- Embedded System and Technologies

- Artificial Neural Networks

- Biomedical Signal Processing

- Communication Technologies

- DSP and FPGA Based Systems

- Medical Imaging

- Modeling and Simulation

- Airborne Vehicle Communication

- Telemetry and Telecomm and Systems

- Satellite Technology

- Spectrum Management

- MMIC and CMOS Circuits, Materials for Electronics

- Smart Sensors, Speech and Image Processing

- Wireless Communication

- RFID Systems and Applications

- Nano- Electronics

- Digital Multimedia Systems

- Antenna Systems

- Cognitive Radio Design

- Optical Communication

- Telecom Management

- CAD for VLSI

- Nano-fabarication and Computing

- Integration of Electronics Systems ,ASIC and SOC



- Applications of Remote Sensing in Civil Engineering

- Seismic Resistant Structural Systems

- Resource Management in Construction

- Green Environmental Management Systems

- Smarter Structures and Materials

- Nano Technology in Civil Engineering

- Hydro Power Engineering/Water Resources

- Bridge and Tunnel Engineering

- Innovative Application of Geo Synthetics

- Innovative Materials in Pavement

- Pollution Prevention/ Recycling

- Transportation and Climate Changes

- Building Energy Conservation and Green

- Architecture


- Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep learning

- Big Data &IoT

- Blockchain Technologies

- Business Analytics

- Computer Animation

- Cyber Security

- Data Communications and Computer Networks

- Data Encryption and Cryptography

- Data Engineering

- Data Mining

- Fogg, Cloud and Edge Computing

- GUI, Distributed, Parallel Processing and High-Performance Computing

- Internet of Everything (IoE)

- Internet Security and Privacy Localization

- Mobile Computing

- Pattern Recognition and Analysis

- Video Processing

- Cyber Security Technologies

- Computational Intelligence in Cyber Forensics

- Geo-informative Systems

- Grid, Pervasive and Distributed Computing