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MatScience 2024


Mar 25, 2024


Mar 26, 2024


Barcelona, Spain

With the great success of MatScience 2023, Scholars Conferences is proud to announce the 2nd Edition World Congress on Material Science and Nanotechnology which is going to be held on March 25-26, 2024 at Barcelona, Spain.

MatScience 2024 will feature talks on new materials and research directions, nanotechnology-driven solutions in materials engineering, commercialization- opportunities and challenges, and other important interdisciplinary topics. We are anticipating the meeting with the experts from both industry and academia, including the noble laureates and C level executives.

Presentations will cover a wide range of subjects: photovoltaics, materials beyond silicon, biochemistry, spintronics, innovative alloys, energy systems, new systems for CO2 capture, and many more. To make sure that each attendee leaves the event with a luggage-full of knowledge and inspiration (in addition to the souvenirs from the host city), the event is designed to present the materials in a variety of formats: lecture-style presentations, roundtable discussions, Q&A sessions, and poster presentations.

We invite researchers and industry professionals working on various aspects of Materials Science and Nanotechnology to participate and contribute to the advancement of materials research and development.


The Art of Capturing Beauty at the Nanoscale


The Art of Capturing Beauty at the Nanoscale

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