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Jun 22, 2024


Jun 27, 2024


Massachusetts, USA

The conference will cover a broad range of topics of interest to the nanotube and low-dimensional materials communities.

Synthesis, processing and functionalization

Properties and characterisation

Theory and simulation


NT’24 will follow the usual NT conference series format of tutorials on the first day and then daily: plenary morning sessions, followed by parallel symposia sessions in the afternoon, and poster sessions in the early evening. The symposia topics at NT24 are:

Computation and Theory: 16th Symposium on Computational Challenges in Nanotubes, 2D Materials, and Their Macroscopic Assemblies
Energy & Electronics: Symposium on Nanomaterials for Energy and Electronics
Fundamental Properties: Symposium on Fundamental, Structural and Optical Properties of 1D and 2D Materials and their Heterostructures
Macromaterials: Symposium on Thin Films, Fibers, 3-D Materials and their Properties
NanoBio: 14th Symposium on Carbon Nanomaterials, Biology, Medicine and Toxicology
Synthesis: 5th Symposium on Synthesis, Purification, Functionalization, and Manufacturing of Carbon Nanotubes and Low-Dimensional Materials

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