World Congress of Smart Materials (WCSM-2021)




Macao, PR China


WCSM 2021-Macao Summit aims to be an exclusive super materials innovation and entrepreneurship conference serving Next Generation smart materials industries and cutting-edge technology development. It will also provide entrepreneurial opportunities for ambitious start-ups, and investors, expand upstream and downstream makers for large disruptive innovative companies, help shareholders to find investment projects, offer better cooperation opportunities for high-tech talents, and share comprehensive information with global decision-makers and knowledge economy advocators.

Meanwhile, WCSM 2021-Macao Summit also includes an exhibition, matchmaking business, and social activities at Macao, which is Asia’s leading business, leisure, shopping, and entertainment destination. These specifically designed concurrent meetings aim to set a community for the world’s top innovators, scientific researchers, scholars, entrepreneurs, start-up leaders, and all elites in relevant fields of Life Science, Emerging Industry and Sustainable Development.