Charles West

VP of Engineering
Advanced Diamond Technologies
Charles F. (Charlie) West has been leading and developing product development of thin inorganic films for over 30 years. He has been directly responsible for the development of many vapor phase thin-film (primarily CVD) applications in the areas of electronic, bio-medical, optics, and wear and corrosion. Prior to joining ADT he was one of the founders of QuesTek Innovations, LLC, another award-winning high tech startup in the Chicago area. Charlie was the CVD Group leader and a Research Scientist at Northwestern University prior to starting QuesTek and a research scientist for 10 years at Battelle Columbus Laboratories in the Electronic and Optical Materials Group. Charlie has been working directly with prospective clients and helping them develop new products and processes throughout his career. He has also been personally responsible for enabling and transferring new and unique CVD processing to NASA, universities, national laboratories, and several industrial firms.