John Yerger

President and CEO
Advanced Diamond Technologies
John Yerger has held business leadership positions for 30 years. Most recently, he was president & CEO of both SMS Technologies (San Diego) and Total Electronics (Logansport, Indiana and Reynosa, Mexico) where he led more than a doubling of company value, culminating in its sale to the Kinpo Group (Taiwan) in December, 2010. Prior to that, Mr. Yerger was president of EMAC, a boutique acquisition company which acquired Controls, Inc (Indiana) in 2002 and a senior vice president at VisionTek (Gurnee) during its rapid growth with NVIDIA graphics products. Mr. Yerger led the design, development and launch of award winning products at DEK Printing Machines (Weymouth, England), including the revolutionary ProFlow enclosed print head technology. He was also instrumental in the launch of the GSM equipment platform at Universal Instruments (Binghamton, NY). Mr. Yerger holds BS, MSE and MBA degrees from Cornell University and received the Richard Hall Award for Leadership Excellence from SEA in 2010. He has been an active leader in several community organizations in the Chicago area over the past 10 years.