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Francis Nedvidek
General Manager - European Subsidiary
Dr. Nedvidek served as Chief Executive Officer of Cube Optics AG and Chairman of the Executive Management Board until Oct 2014 when HUBER+SUHNER acquired the company. Dr. Nedvidek has over two decades of experience spanning technology innovation, product and market development and general management roles. He has held executive positions with corporations in Canada, the USA and Europe including CEO at Photnitech Inc., VP Marketing & Sales at Resonance Photonics Inc., VP Marketing at Von Roll Isola Ltd., and Director, International Marketing & Sales at Leica Optronics Group. Dr. Nedvidek holds a Ph.D. in Laser Physics, M.E.Sc. and B.E.Sc. degrees in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and holds a P. Eng. Designation in Ontario, Canada.
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