New 'refrigerator' super-cools molecules to nanokelvin temperatures

Technique may enable molecule-based quantum computing

House cleaning on the nanoscale

FAU scientists develop method for cleaning surfaces at the nanoscale

Bouquets of nanoflowers with golden touch

Flower-like nanostructures with nanowires connected by gold nanospheres that can be designed to detect substances and mimick surfaces

Next gen solar cells perform better when there's a camera around

Researchers find a simple way to detect tiny imperfections that affect performance

A step ahead in the race toward ultrafast imaging of single particles

Using a combination of experimental and computational data, researchers discover paths to optimize pulses from highly intense X-ray beams. Scientists have l...

Protecting thin, flexible brain interfaces from the human body

Next-generation brain implants with more than a thousand electrodes can survive for more than six years

Let's do the twist

Pitt and Harvard engineers and chemists 'program' liquid crystalline elastomers to replicate complex twisting action simply with the use of

AI techniques used to improve battery health and safety

The researchers, from Cambridge and Newcastle Universities, have designed a new way to monitor batteries by sending electrical pulses into them and measuring...

Researchers help expand search for new state of matter

U of A scientists have taken a step toward proving the existence of quantum spin liquids, which could lead to next-generation computing

Nanopore reveals shape-shifting enzyme linked to catalysis

The study can help with the design of new enzymes, or with the discovery of drugs that inhibit enzyme function

Magnetoacoustic waves: Towards a new paradigm of on-chip communication

Researchers have observed directly and for the first time magnetoacoustic waves (sound-driven spin waves), which are considered as potential information carr...

Researchers use nanotechnology to develop new treatment for endometriosis

Scientists have developed a precise, nanotechnology-based treatment to alleviate the pain and fertility problems associated with endometriosis, a common gyne...

Newly discovered biostability in DNA structures may lead to enhanced design of therapies

A tremendous potential for biomedical applications, including targeted delivery of drugs, exists through DNA nanostructures, but one key challenge has been t...

New measurements reveal evidence of elusive particles in a newly-discovered superconductor

Material may be natural home to quasiparticle hiding for decades

Capturing 3D microstructures in real time

Modern scientific research on materials relies heavily on exploring their behavior at the atomic and molecular scales. For that reason, scientists are consta...

3D reconstructions of individual nanoparticles

Liquid phase electron microscopy illuminates 3D atomic structures of platinum nanoparticles, advancing full control of nanoengineering

Graphene-based actuator swarm enables programmable deformation

Actuators that can convert various environmental stimuli to mechanical works have revealed great potential for developing smart devices such as soft robots, ...

New quantum technology could help diagnose and treat heart condition

The conductivity of living organs, such as the heart, could be imaged non-invasively using quantum technology