UCF's butterfly-inspired nanotech makes natural-looking pictures on digital screens

The digital displays are lit by surrounding light and are more natural looking

Scientists aim gene-targeting breakthrough against COVID-19

Cellular delivery system developed at Berkeley Lab's Molecular Foundry could be missing link in battle against SARS-CoV-2

New technique takes 3D imaging an octave higher

A collaboration between researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Colorado State University resulted in a new 3D imaging technique ca...

Precision spray coating could enable solar cells with better performance and stability

New approach offers practical way to make multilayer perovskite solar cells

Discovery unlocks 'hot' electrons for more efficient energy use

Highly energetic, "hot" electrons have the potential to help solar panels more efficiently harvest light energy. But scientists haven't been able to measure ...

Silicon 'neurons' may add a new dimension to computer processors

Energy constraints lead to novel ways of efficient, at-a-distance communication

New method predicts spin dynamics of materials for quantum computing

Universal first-principles approach will accelerate the identification and design of materials for quantum information science and other spi

Boosting energy efficiency of 2D material electronics using topological semimetal

A new way to boost the energy efficiency of 2D semiconductor electronics by synergizing 2D materials and topological semimetals

Anisotropy of spin-lattice relaxations in molecular magnets

Another important step towards building a functional quantum computer.

Graphene and 2D materials could move electronics beyond 'Moore's Law'

Spintronics is the combination of electronics and magnetism, at the nanoscale and could lead to next generation high-speed electronics.

Metasurface opens world of polarization

Device may have far-reaching applications in polarization imaging, quantum optics, and more

Coatings for shoe bottoms could improve traction on slick surfaces

Inspired by the Japanese art of paper cutting, MIT engineers have designed a friction-boosting material that could be used to coat the bottom of your shoes, ...

Smart textiles made possible by flexible transmission lines

Electronic fibers that can collect a wealth of information about our bodies by measuring subtle and complex fabrics deformations

Promising new method for producing tiny liquid capsules

Solid capsules with a liquid core are ideal for storage and delivery of oil-based materials in skin care or for use as bioreactors

A remote control for neurons

Nanowires are able to stimulate neurons from outside the cell membrane.

Smart molecules could be key to computers with 100-times bigger memories

Researchers have discovered a single molecule 'switch' that can act like a transistor and offers the potential to store binary information

More efficient biosolar cells modelled on nature

By combining light-collecting and photosynthesis proteins of different types, more energy can be produced.

A nice day for a quantum walk

Researchers are able to precisely control the vibrations of coupled ions to demonstrate a "quantum random walk"