Multinozzle printer can switch between multiple inks up to 50 times per second

Multimaterial 3D printing manufactures complex objects, fast

Erythrocyte leveraged chemotherapy (ELeCt): Drug-loaded nanoparticles bound to circulating red blood cells inhibit lung cancer metastasis

ELeCt-ing a better candidate for chemo delivery

A finely-tuned molecular process in the camouflage of certain squid may lead to the next generation of bio-inspired synthetic materials

A marvelous molecular machine

Device may enable '"T-ray vision' and better wireless communication and sensing

Researchers generate terahertz laser with laughing gas

Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and their colleagues have developed an optical switch that routes light from one computer...

NIST-led team develops tiny low-energy device to rapidly reroute light in computer chips

Producing polymeric nitrogen at near-ambient conditions is a new trick for liquid plasma

From a cloud of cold and a spark, researchers create and stabilize pure polymeric nitrogen

A new method of analysis is speeding up the research

Tailor-made carbon helps pinpoint hereditary diseases and correct medication dosage

Miniaturized chemical "laboratories" on a chip have potential as point-of-care diagnostics, analysis kits, and conducting chemical tests

Scientists design built-in controls for mini-chemical labs on a chip

New research by engineers at the University of Illinois combines atomic-scale experimentation with computer modeling to determine how much energy it takes to bend...

Graphene: The more you bend it, the softer it gets

Since the successful isolation of graphene from bulk graphite, remarkable properties of graphene have attracted many scientists to the brand-new research field of...

Epitaxially-grown molybdenum oxide advances as a bulk-like 2D dielectric layer

Rice University-printed sample is full of holes, but stops bullets better than solid materials

Theoretical tubulanes inspire ultrahard polymers

Ultrapure solvents prove there is more than meets the eye when oil and water mix.

When bubbles bounce back

Chalmers researchers succeeded in mapping catalytic reactions on individual metallic nanoparticles

Light at the end of the nanotunnel for future catalysts

To seamlessly integrate electronics with the natural world, materials are needed that are both stretchable and degradable -- for example, flexible medical devices...

Stretchable, degradable semiconductors

Rice materials scientists detail unexpected distortions in self-assembling polymers

Soft double gyroids are unique, but imperfect, crystals

Researchers presented a new strategy for enhancing catalytic activity using tungsten suboxide as a single-atom catalyst (SAC). This strategy, which significantly...

Tungsten suboxide improves the efficiency of platinum in hydrogen production

Almost everyone uses nanometer-sized alumina these days - this chemical compound, among others, constitutes the skeleton of modern catalytic converters in cars....

An amazingly simple recipe for nanometer-sized corundum

The process could work on the gas at any concentrations, from power plant emissions to open air

MIT engineers develop a new way to remove carbon dioxide from air



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