5.5 mm diameter motor is powered directly with light

Researchers at the Faculty of Physics at the University of Warsaw, with colleagues from Poland and China used liquid crystal elastomer technology to demonstr...

New graphene-based metasurface capable of independent amplitude and phase control of light

Researchers described a new strategy of designing metamolecules that incorporates two independently controllable subwavelength meta-atoms. This two-parametri...

Active droplets

Long-lasting and precise dosing of medication thanks to an oil-hydrogel mixture

A novel formulation to explain heat propagation

Fourier's well-known heat equation describes how temperatures change over space and time when heat flows in a solid material. The formulation was developed i...

Shaping waveforms

Chemical reactions are determined at their most fundamental level by their respective electronic structure and dynamics. Steered by a stimulus such as light ...

New electronic state of matter

Discovery shows electrons can bind together in ways similar to how quarks combine to form neutrons and proton

ORNL researchers develop 'multitasking' AI tool to extract cancer data in record time

ORNL researchers develop 'multitasking' AI tool to extract cancer data in record time

New material has highest electron mobility among known layered magnetic materials

Properties make it promising candidate for new areas like magnetic twistronic devices, spintronics, data storage and device design

Producing single photons from a stream of single electrons

Researchers at the University of Cambridge have developed a novel technique for generating single photons, by moving single electrons in a specially designed...

Electrons in rapid motion

Researchers observe quantum interferences in real-time using a new extreme ultra-violet light spectroscopy technique.

Polymers to the rescue! Saving cells from damaging ice

Ice can tear apart cells in cryo-storage; Polymers can save the day

Novel microchannel structure as gamma-ray sources for nuclear physics

Laser field can not only carry spin angular momentum (SAM) but also orbital angular momentum (OAM). The latter usually leads to a vortex beam profile, which ...

Researchers discover novel formation mechanisms of 5-fold twinned nanoparticles

Oriented attachment induces fivefold twins by forming and decomposing high-energy grain boundaries

Scientists propose new properties in hollow multishell structure

A novel concept of temporal-spatial ordering and dynamic smart behavior in hollow multishell structures (HoMSs)

Electric solid propellant -- can it take the heat?

Thermodynamic properties of hydroxylammonium nitrate-based electric solid propellant plasma

Mending a broken heart - the bioengineering way

Bioengineers from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, have developed a prototype patch that does the same job as crucial aspects of heart tissue. Their patch wi...

Making the internet more energy efficient through systemic optimization

Smart, error-correcting data chip circuits, refined to be 10x less energy consumptive

Superior 'bio-ink' for 3D printing pioneered

Rutgers researchers are developing materials to help grow human tissues