Molecule analysis


Bionano Genomics

IrysChipV2 Features50-100 Gbp/chip throughputMulti-sample option: 2 flowcells per chip13,000 parallel NanoChannels per flowcellHighly reproducible, wafer-scale foundry manufactureThe key to generating useful genome maps is precise, long-range measurement of labels across thousands of bases to whole chromosomes. DNA is an inherently flexible molecule that naturally forms coils in solution, hindering accurate direct measurement. Only by using the IrysChip can you overcome this difficulty by linearizing the DNA within the proprietary NanoChannel arrays. These NanoChannels impart a highly uniform stretch and prevent molecules from folding or overlapping other molecules.You can generate single-molecule data and create a comprehensive genome map from as little as 300 ng of labeled DNA using our IrysChips. Manufactured in a state-of-the-art semiconductor facility that ensures highly reproducible measurements, IrysChips are designed for efficient sample handling of precious or minute samples in a convenient 2-flowcell format. Choose to use one or both flowcells at a time, depending on your data needs. Each flowcell contains an array of NanoChannels long enough to contain intact megabase-length DNA molecules.After the DNA is imaged in the NanoChannels using the Irys Instrument, the molecules are flushed and a new batch of molecules is brought in. This dynamic, multi-cycle feature of Irys allows for high-throughput linearization and imaging of several gigabases of DNA per hour.Ordering InformationFor additional information or inquiry requests on purchasing the Irys Instrument,contact us for a quote.