Molecule analysis

Irys Instrument

Bionano Genomics

Acquire high-resolution, multi-color images and conduct single-molecule analysis of long DNA molecules with the automated, benchtop Irys instrument. Simply load your sample, set your run on the touch-screen controls, and walk away as the system automatically flows DNA into the massively parallel array of NanoChannels on an IrysChip, collecting images and extracting data. By repeatedly cycling the same DNA sample through the same flowcell, Irys can process several gigabases of DNA per hour.Unamplified, native-state DNA molecules, each up to a megabase long, can be loaded into the IrysChip?s NanoChannels. The Irys uses laser excitation to illuminate fluorescently labeled DNA in the NanoChannels of the chip. The DNA can be labeled using a wide variety of methods, including IrysPrep reagents or user-defined methods. An onboard CCD camera, coupled with proprietary auto-focusing mechanism and control software, rapidly scans the chip. Molecules are uniformly stretched and optically separated in NanoChannels, presenting high-resolution imaging of single molecules without extreme conditions and optics that make other platforms impractical and cost-prohibitive.The Irys? control software makes processing samples effortless. Simply set up a run on the intuitive touchscreen and let the built-in software do the rest. The software automatically generates primary data for use in a number of applications. During a run, quality control metrics are constantly monitored and displayed on the screen, keeping you informed of the run?s progress and success.IrysInstrument FeaturesFully automated cycling of DNA into chip and imagingIntuitive touchscreen interface3 laser lines for simultaneous labeling of multiple eventsHigh-resolution optics with proprietary Auto-Focus systemAutomatic image export and detectionOrdering InformationFor additional information or inquiry requests on purchasing the Irys Instrument,contact us for a quote.