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Monolithic silicon AFM probe for high frequency non-contact and tapping mode operation. The rotated tip allows for more symmetric representation of high sample features. The consistent tip radius ensures good resolution and reproducibility. The AFM holder chip fits most commercial AFM systems as it is industry standard size. It is compatible with: Bruker / Veeco / Digital Instruments Keysight / Agilent / Molecular Imaging Asylum Research Park Systems JEOL JPK etc. BudgetSensors' Tap190-G features a longer cantilever and it is meant as an alternative to BudgetSensors' Tap300 probes series, when the feedback loop of the AFM system does not accept high frequencies (400 kHz) or when the detection system needs a minimum cantilever length > 125 µm. The scanning speed of Tap190 series AFM probes is slightly slower than the scanning speed of the Tap300 series. For measurements in liquids please use the back side gold coated Tap190GD-G or the overall gold coated Tap190GB-G!
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