Optical Fibers

LIEKKI Yb1200-12/250


LIEKKIYb1200-12/125 fibers are very highly doped large mode area fibers for medium power fiber laser and amplifier applications, where high beam quality and compact design are essential.LIEKKIYb1200-12/125 fibers are available as double-clad (Yb1200-12/125DC) and double-clad polarization maintaining (Yb1200-12/125DC-PM) fibers.Features:Industry leading fiber deposition process ? Direct Nanoparticle DepositionLarge, low-NA core for low nonlinearity and high beam quality applicationsCombining high pump absorption with low photodarkening lossProof tested to > 100 kpsi for long-term mechanical reliabilityAcrylate coating enables fiber applications in extreme environmental conditions: Proven to operate up to 120?C and in extreme humidity.Matching passive fibers available with optimized design for minimal splice lossApplications:Medium power amplifiers and lasersPulsed and CW applicationsIR source for frequency doublingIndustrial, medical and scientific applications