Optical Fibers

LIEKKI Coreless Passive Fibers


LIEKKI coreless passive fibers are designed and manufactured to be used as end caps in fiber amplifiers and lasers. The fibers contain no core and consist only of a silica cladding which is coated by a dual layer low index acrylate. LIEKKI coreless passive fibers are ideal for reducing back reflections from fiber ends and preventing fiber damage at the end face in high power applications.Features:Matching with industry standard cladding geometries 125, 250, 400 and 480 mmRound, silica cladding for easy cleaving, splicing and handlingDouble cladding fibers feature a low-index fluoroacrylate coating with NA �0.48Acrylate coating enables fiber applications in extreme environmental conditions: Proven to operate up to 120?C and in extreme humidity.Applications:Fiber end caps for fiber lasers and amplifiersReduction of back reflectionsPrevention of fiber end facet damage in high power applications