Optical Fibers

LIEKKI Multimoded Passive Fibers


LIEKKI passive multimoded fibers are especially designed and manufactured to be used in high brightnesspower delivery applications. The available numericalapertures are the industry standard 0.1 and 0.22, and the fibers can be applied to applications ranging from visible wavelengths to >1500nm.Features:Matching with industry standard geometries 105, 200 and 400 ?m core diametersMatching with industry standard core numerical apertures of 0.15 and 0.22Low loss all-glass structure operating over a wide wavelength rangeRound cladding for easy cleaving, splicing and handlingSingle cladding fibers feature a dual coated high-index acrylate coatingDouble cladding fibers feature a NA �0.48 low-index fluoroacrylate coating,which enables fiber applications in extreme environmental conditions:Proven to operate up to 120?C and in extreme humidity.Applications:Pigtails for fiber lasers and amplifiersAll-fiber subassembliesHigh brightness power deliveryFiber based components for fiber lasers (e.g. pump combiners)