Optical Fibers

LIEKKI Large Mode Area Passive Fibers


LIEKKIpassive fibers are especially designed and manufactured to match the optical guiding properties of LIEKKIlarge mode area Ytterbium doped fibers. This enables optimal mode coupling with minimal splice loss for maintaining the power and excellent beam quality between all elements of a fiber laser or amplifier. High-quality Fiber Bragg Gratings can be written into all LIEKKIpassive fibers.LIEKKIpassive fibers are available in single cladding, double cladding (DC), single cladding polarization maintaining (PM) and double cladding polarization maintaining configurations.Features:Matching with industry standard active fiber geometries 125, 250, 400 ?mRound cladding for easy cleaving, splicing and handlingGlass cladding diameter is designed to ?fit-in? octagonal active fibersLow signal and pump coupling losses from passive to active fiberSingle cladding fibers feature a dual coated high-index acrylate coatingDouble cladding fibers feature a NA �0.48 low-index fluoroacrylate coating, which enables fiber applications in extreme environmental conditions: Proven to operate up to 120?C and in extreme humidity.Fiber Bragg Gratings can be written into all large mode area passive fibersApplications:Pigtails for fiber lasers and amplifiersAll-fiber subassembliesHigh-brightness power deliveryFiber-based components for fiber lasers (e.g. pump combiners; FBGs)