Optical Fibers

LIEKKI Yb1200-25/250


LIEKKIYb1200-25/250 fibers are very highly doped fibers which feature very high cladding absorption at low photodarkening loss, high efficiency per application length and excellent beam quality. These fibers are ideal for high power pulsed fiber amplifiers where short application lengths are crucial to avoid nonlinear effects.LIEKKIYb1200-25/250 fibers are available as double-clad (Yb1200-25/250DC) and double-clad polarization maintaining (Yb1200-25/250DC-PM) fibers.Features:Industry leading fiber deposition process ? Direct Nanoparticle DepositionLarge, low-NA core for excellent beam qualityVery high pump absorption enables short application lengths for compact designs and avoidance of nonlinear effectsLow photodarkening lossProof tested to > 100 kpsi for long-term mechanical reliabilityAcrylate coating enables fiber applications in extreme environmental conditions: Proven to operate up to 120?C and in extreme humidity.Matching passive fibers available with optimized design for minimal splice lossApplications:High peak and average power pulsed amplifiers with excellent beam qualityIR source for frequency doublingMaterials processingLIDARRange finding