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SERS Substrates - SERStrate


Ultrasensitive molecular detection. A SERS substrate, SERStrate, from Silmeco is an extremely effective SERS substrate that enables ultrasensitive molecular detection for a wide area range of applications and R&D-purposes. SERS substrates from Silmeco performs better than other famous SERS substrates on the market SERS signal uniformity over large areas (up to 4”) Very low background noise Compatible with high volume manufacturing (HVM) process flows Why choose Silmeco SERS Substrates over competition? Majority of device fabrication techniques involve polymer mask deposition (a form of lithography) or complex chemistry that dramatically increases device manufacturing costs. Silmeco is different. We utilize patented nanofabrication technologies that exclude lithography and involve only 2 simple process steps. By combining our simple, high-volume manufacturing processes and specific nanostructure patterns, Silmeco gives you superior SERS substrates. Choosing Silmeco SERS substrates does not have to be a “buy and do-it-yourself process” – we would like to help and provide support should you need it. Just call or write us. Our team of experts have extensive experience with R&D and application development, nanofabrication, SERS substrates, Raman Scattering, plasmonic nanomaterials and more.