Device and method to produce gravitomagnetic induction, mass spin-valve or gravitational rectifier - US patent # 9,318,031 B2

We can harvest both forms gravitational energy in the form of gravitomagnetism produced at the nano-scale of quantum gravity utilizing the gravitational rectifier.

The patent title is Device and method to produce gravitomagnetic induction, mass spin-valve or gravitational rectifier.

The presence of matter [bumps]moving in the universe produces a nano-gravity [pull] force we can detect with a type of sensor called an accelerometer that utilizes the properties of the piezo-electric crystal. The novel observed gravitational phenomena was the discovery that the absence of matter [pits] moving in the universe produce a nano-gravitational [push] force. The other sensor used in the device utilizes the fact that electromagnetism and gravitation can be measured at the quantum scale with a GMR resistor utilized worldwide in your hard drive to read back data in the hard disk assembly in your computer.                                        

Signal Characteristics from Reference 10µm x 10µm ~ 1.25µin Bump Defect

The Figure shows a 10µm x 10µm area bump about 35nm tall produces a 1.5 Volt PZT signal ~500mV GMR head read back signal.

Signal Characteristics from Reference 10µm x 10µm ~ 2µin Pit Defect

The figure above shows a Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) image of a 10µm x 10µm area pit about 52nm deep used to produce the presented data herein.

The figure above shows how we are able to distinguish the two forms of induction. As the nano-bump on the spinning disk spins below the GMR sensor and the rising edge of the nano-bump passes by, following Maxwell’s right hand rule for magnetic induction, a upward electromagnetic induction pulse is produced as shown on the left. As the downward edge of the nano-bump passes below the GMR sensor, a downward electromagnetic induction pulse is produced as shown. In between these two electromagnetic induction pulses is the gravitomagnetic induction signal, which is a mechanical pull form of gravitational induction produced by the nano-gravitational signature of the nano-bump as it moves by the GMR sensor as shown.

Note electromagnetic pulses in a hard disk assembly do not produce a mechanical force that affects the head assembly mechanically in the way the non-contacting nano-bump does.

The time delay between the first electromagnetic pulse and the bump’s nano-gravity signal is ~1µSec; this is an example of a nano-bump producing nano-gravity frame dragging as predicted by Einstein’s General Relativity theory, but on the nano-scale where our “quantum universe” can be more easily quantified.

This phenomenon provides a very accurate metrology method to analyze the surface of something down to the Angstrom scale of measurement. The US Patent and Trademarks Office (USPTO) recently granted me a continuation patent US 9,972,354 B2 for using the invention as a metrology device and method that was issued on May 15, 2018 by the USPTO.

There is a continuation patent application under patent review for a device and method to harvest gravitomagnetic induction US15130813 for energy that is still pending review with USPTO.

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