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Cell-based assays design & development, Biomarker analysis in blood and tissues, High-content screening CRO, Flow cytometry services, High-content imaging services, Primary cell cultures, 3D Microtissues, Tissue Microarrays (TMAs)




Fluofarma, a Porsolt company, joins drug discovery projects to bring tailored solutions in cell biology and high-content analysis. Specialized in assay design, the French preclinical CRO develops and performs cell-based assays and quantifies biomarkers in blood and tissues using different high-content imaging and flow cytometry technologies. Fluofarma's contract research services are based on the following capacities: CUSTOM BIOLOGICAL MODELS > Generation of primary cell cultures, cell lines, 3D spheroids > Development of multi-cell type culture systems in 2D & 3D > Preclinical and clinical samples : whole blood, solid tissues and tissue microarrays (TMAs) ADAPTATION & DEVELOPMENT OF CELL-BASED ASSAYS > 100 phenotypic and molecular assays for immediate performance or adaptation to specific cell types > Multiplexing, miniaturization, automation of cell-based assays > Assay development with the cellular model, readout, and high-content screening technology needed BIOMARKER ANALYSIS > Design and development of biomarker assays > Automated biomarker quantification in tissue sections and tissue microarrays (TMAs) > Biomarker analysis in whole blood by high-throughput flow cytometry Since 2003, Fluofarma has been supporting over 70 pharmaceutical companies in the dicovery of new therapeutic targets, compounds and biomarkers.

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