Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing

Institute of Electronic Materials Technology


ITME is the leading Polish Institute working in the multidisciplinary area of research and development of materials and innovative devices and components based on this materials for use in electronics, micromechanics, etc. Elaborated advanced technologies enable scientific cooperation with many Universities and Research Institutes are offered for interested customers to realize their projects transferred to interested industry or utilized within the Institute for a small scale production of advanced materials, devices and components within the institute. ITME is growing single-crystals semiconductor (Si, III/V, SiC, others) and oxide (optical, piezoelectric) materials. Nanotechnologies enable to manufacture super-pure metals, active glasses and optical fibers, new (active and transparent) nanoceramics and composite materials, which have unique properties for a wide range of applications. The Institute develops epitaxial structures and innovative optoelectronic devices.