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Material Science, Photonics, Nanocrystals

Intelligent Material Solutions (IMS)


IMS, Inc. specializes in the design and construction of rare-earth doped nanocrystals capable of converting energy up and down the spectrum from infra-red through X-ray; wavelengths are independent of particle size or shape. Extreme detection sensitivity is possible.

The core IMS, Inc. technology uses stokes and anti-stokes nanocrystals of unparalleled brightness, with a variety of functional coatings to enable up to parts per billion sensitivity of detection. Due to a pure signal-to-background ratio (as nothing in nature upconverts) the nanocrystals have the ability to revolutionize fluorescence imaging in life sciences. Researchers worldwide are re-approaching, once thought impossible experiments in molecular biology research as this new class of compounds comes to market. Our rare earth based nanocrystals possess many desirable characteristics; they will not photo bleach or blink, and are non-toxic.

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