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Nanocoating, Surface Technology, Restoration, Renovation



Nanolamina - the enterprise is known for innovative solutions and products based on nanotechnology and silicate technology. The basis is the owner-managed engineering and expert office, which offers advanced applications for surface modification, providing materials for construction and applies in the context of project-oriented services in the respective phases the possibilities of proper usage. All materials combine the demands for efficiency, cost effectiveness, sustainability and preservation of the value of simultaneous resource conservation and environmental sustainability. Here, the cross-industry applications are divided into the following categories: Active materials and coating systems with the active principle of photocatalysis for the functionalization of surfaces, such as disinfecting, deodorizing, air purification, self-cleaning and UV protection; Passive coating systems and materials with the active principle of the lotus leaf for the functionalization of surfaces such as non-stick, anti-corrosion and easy to clean; Materials on silicate hybrid base as corrosion protection systems for buildings and construction materials generated by highly-resistant and room-temperature-curing ceramics. The lean company structure with internal and external capabilities in research and development enables us to offer customized solutions and flexible responses to the current market demand.

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