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Microscopy and imaging, Scanning Electron Microscopes, Atomic Force Microscopes, Optical profilers, Nanoindenters


Nanoscience Instruments


Nanoscience Instruments sells and supports a variety of laboratory instrumentation for microscopy and surface science investigations. We partner with innovative instrument manufacturers around the world to provide expert support and service within North America. Our team of scientists and engineers have backgrounds in chemistry, biochemistry, material science, physics, and engineering. Our experience covers scanning probe microscopy, electron microscopy, optical & stylus metrology, spectroscopy, and materials characterization techniques. Sales, applications and service teams work together to provide expert advice and solutions for our customers. The Nanoscience Instruments portfolio includes desktop electron microscopes, atomic force microscopes, optical profilers, micro and nanomechanical testing and positioning systems. We also have instrumentation that combines techniques and correlates data, such as optical and electron microscopy.

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