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Carbon Nanotubes, CNT, SWCNT, and Graphene Nanotubes

OCSiAl Group


OCSiAl is the first company to develop breakthrough yet low-cost with unlimited scaling potential for the mass production of single wall carbon nanotubes. OCSiAl is producing high-purity graphene nanotubes under the TUBALL™ brand name. As little as 0.01% of TUBALL™ enables to produce more high-performance elastomers, composites, plastics, coatings and batteries.

To simplify the utilisation of nanotubes, OCSiAl develops TUBALL™ MATRIX, a line of pre-dispersed concentrates for increased conductivity, enhanced mechanical properties and vivid colours in a multitude of materials.

Headquartered in Luxembourg, the company is represented in the USA, Russia, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Israel and India.

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