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quantum structures, molecular Beam Epitaxy, ferromagnetic semiconductors, spintronics


Ohno Lab


Our research activities cover the areas of preparation, characterization and application of compound semiconductor quantum structures for high speed devices. The quantum structures are prepared by Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE). Materials of interest include AlGaAs/GaAs as well as InAs/GaSb. MBE study of a new class of semiconductor, III-V based ferromagnetic semiconductors, such as (Ga,Mn) As and (In,Mn)As, is also being carried out to expand the horizon of application of quantum structures by the addition of a new degree of freedom associated with electron spin in the material. At present, research is focused on the quantum transport phenomena between two-dimensional electron gases, THz devices that utilize the optical transitions in broken-bandgap heterostructures, and exploration of new properties and new functionality associated with the spin degree of freedom of carriers in semiconductors (such as quantum computing) using III-V based ferromagnetic/non-magnetic semiconductor heterostructures.

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