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Spintronics, Thin Films


Organic Spintronics


Organic Spintronics Srl (OS) is a high-tech company operating in the field of nanotechnology and is actively engaged in R&D and in the design, production and commercialization of technologies for the development of: innovative Thin Film deposition technologies and processes; nanostructured Thin Film methods and diagnostics; organic/inorganic spintronics Os has developed a unique Thin Film fabrication technology, i.e. Pulsed Plasma Deposition (PPD), an innovative and low cost technology for the fabrication of inorganic Thin Films for optical, mechanical and electronic applications that exploits the benefits offered by organic semiconductors. Having developed a novel approach to the use of organic semiconductors by achieving room temperature operation, OS is on the forefront of spintronics-based innovation for sensing applications. The name of the company has reflected its origin since the PPD technology was instrumental in making colossal magnetoresistence thin films for spintronics. Since then, the PPD technology has become the major commercial asset of OS.

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