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phononic, photonic Nanostructures


P2N - Phononic & Photonic Nanostructures Group


Phononic and Photonic Nanostructures group (P2N) develop new concepts for multi-state variables based on the engineered interactions of phonons with electrons and with photons, in device-like structures. One particular interest is thermal transport in the nanoscale to address heat dissipation in nanoelectronics, the role of phonons in noise and dissipation in nano-scale systems. Another strand is Si-based opto-mechanics for phonon-based information processing. Our experimental research is anchored in novel nanofabrication methods, such as nanoimprint lithography and directed self-assembly including dimensional and defectivity metrology. The latter is essential to set up standards in manufacturing to ease the uptake of nanotechnology products. In our research we use state of the art linear optical spectroscopy methods, pump-and-probe down to 10's of femtoseconds and develop new techniques to reach the nanoscale in thermal transport, most notably Laser Raman thermometry.

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