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International Conference on Graphene Technology and 2D Materials (GrapheneTech-2024)


Aug 21, 2024


Aug 23, 2024


Lisbon, Portugal

Xperts Meetings invites all the participants across the globe to attend “International Conference on Graphene Technology and 2D Materials (GrapheneTech-2024 – Hybrid Edition)” both on-site and virtually on August 22-24, 2024, in Lisbon, Portugal and Virtually by Zoom.

GrapheneTech-2024 will include several plenary talks, keynote lectures, interactive sessions, academic discussions, oral and poster presentations, technical workshops and social events that will provide huge networking opportunities for the participants to share their experiences and new innovations on all aspects of Graphene Technology and 2D Materials. The organizing committee will include leaders in the field of Graphene Technology and 2D Materials and will guide the participants on the latest developments and emerging challenges in these fields.

We hope that this conference will be personally rewarding to you

Target Audience for Conference:

Academic Experts in GrapheneTech-2024
Organizations in the GrapheneTech-2024
Industry Leaders, Government Leaders
Groups/ Associations
Scientists and Researchers from Research Institutes, Universities, Companies, and Laboratories from Asia Pacific, America, Europe and the Middle East Zone

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