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Lance Kuhn
Manager of Customer Service
Lance Kuhn is the manager of Customer Service at Hysitron. He is responsible for Hysitron’s customer support world-wide, and manages Hysitron’s customer service team consisting of internal employees and external agents at various distributors throughout the world. His commitment to maintaining a premier level of customer satisfaction and instrument operation has made Hysitron’s customer service among the best in the industry. Lance received a Bachelor’s degree in Physics from the University of Wisconsin in 1995. Lance started his career at Hysitron as an applications engineer in 1996 and has been with Hysitron since then. He is one of the few employees who worked in the company when it had only a handful of customers. As instrument sales grew, so did the need for increased customer service. Based on his extensive understanding of both instrumentation and applications, Lance was ideal for the customer service position, taking full advantage of his expertise with regard to Hysitron technology and AFM platforms. In addition, Lance has been involved in development of new instrumentation for the last ten years, using his extensive experience and first-hand customer feedback information to suggest changes and improvements to Hysitron’s technology.
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