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Ann Arbor
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Susan Ciotti, Ph.D.
BlueWillow Biologics
Director of Formulations
Dr. Ciotti directs the development of novel nanoemulsion systems for the treatment of various dermatological conditions and vaccines for intranasal and intramuscular administration. She is also responsible for developing novel formulations to support the nanoemulsion platform, process optimization, and scale-up activities for those formulations. Before joining NanoBio Corporation, she was an Associate Research Fellow at Pfizer Global R&D in Ann Arbor. She led all the formulation efforts for the Dermatology programs. Prior to joining Pfizer, she was a Principal Scientist in the Topical Formulations & Drug Delivery Technology Resource Center at Johnson & Johnson. Dr. Ciotti is currently an Adjunct Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Michigan, College of Pharmacy in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She lectures on Advanced Drug Delivery Systems and Nanotechnology. She is also a reviewer for several journals, served as an invited speaker at several international conferences, and has been a guest speaker at the FDA in the field of novel drug delivery technologies and nanotechnology.
Nanobiotechnology, Vaccines
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