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IrysViewSoftware FeaturesAutomaticde novoassembly and structural variation detectionEasily export data at any stepOpen and industry standard file formatsIntegrate maps and sequencing dataGenome browser and tables to visualize resultsThe powerful IrysView software integrates a host of specially designed algorithms that use the unique Irys data type to performde novoassembly, alignment and variation detection. In addition, IrysView enables you to easily perform secondary data analysis on a separate workstation and offload large-genome assembly to a cluster. Assemble a genome mapde novo, then compare it to other genome maps or imported sequences to conduct a variety of applications, including:Genome finishing ?import NGS contigs to order and orient them, using your genome map to provide essential scaffolding information and precisely define gaps.Assembly validation ? compare sequencing contigs or scaffolds against your genome map for orthogonal validation and to identify misassemblies.Structural variation detection ? import a reference sequence to identify structural variation in your sample, which are displayed on the genome browser or a table that you can sort and export.Comparative genomics ?visualize variation between two different genome maps to find structural variation or differences in gene content and architecture.All the data Irys generates are readily available to support any application. Export open file formats at any step in the pipeline for custom analysis, and easily dive down from a consensus map in the genome viewer to see the individual single-molecule images that were assembled.Ordering InformationFor additional information or inquiry requests on purchasing the Irys Instrument,contact us for a quote.