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Nanomaterials and Biomedicine



CINBIO, Center for Research in Nanomaterials and Biomedicine, is a multidisciplinary research center whose main objective is to promote and improve the knowledge of life sciences around two major research areas, nanomaterials and biomedicine. The nanomaterials area focuses mainly on three research priorities: the study and application of optical and catalytic properties, magnetic and thermal properties, as well as transport properties in various nanomaterials and systems. As for the biomedicine area, three research priorities have been identified: biomarkers, advanced therapies and molecular basis. These allow us to identify new biomarkers, explore the molecular basis of diseases and design new therapies and treatments in which nanotechnology can be applied.

CINBIO has a wide portfolio of patents in different fields for which we are looking for collaborations and possible licensees. You can check the portfolio of available patents at the center in our website and for more information about CINBIO commercialization process, send an email to:

In 2016, CINBIO was consolidated as an excellence center from University of Vigo, thanks to its proximity to the needs of society. Nowadays, CINBIO is made up of 15 research groups and nearly 200 people between management and research staff.

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