The researchers, from Cambridge and Newcastle Universities, have designed a new way to monitor batteries by sending electrical pulses into them and measuring...

AI techniques used to improve battery health and safety

U of A scientists have taken a step toward proving the existence of quantum spin liquids, which could lead to next-generation computing

Researchers help expand search for new state of matter

The study can help with the design of new enzymes, or with the discovery of drugs that inhibit enzyme function

Nanopore reveals shape-shifting enzyme linked to catalysis

Researchers have observed directly and for the first time magnetoacoustic waves (sound-driven spin waves), which are considered as potential information carr...

Magnetoacoustic waves: Towards a new paradigm of on-chip communication

Scientists have developed a precise, nanotechnology-based treatment to alleviate the pain and fertility problems associated with endometriosis, a common gyne...

Researchers use nanotechnology to develop new treatment for endometriosis

A tremendous potential for biomedical applications, including targeted delivery of drugs, exists through DNA nanostructures, but one key challenge has been t...

Newly discovered biostability in DNA structures may lead to enhanced design of therapies

Material may be natural home to quasiparticle hiding for decades

New measurements reveal evidence of elusive particles in a newly-discovered superconductor

Modern scientific research on materials relies heavily on exploring their behavior at the atomic and molecular scales. For that reason, scientists are consta...

Capturing 3D microstructures in real time

Liquid phase electron microscopy illuminates 3D atomic structures of platinum nanoparticles, advancing full control of nanoengineering

3D reconstructions of individual nanoparticles

Actuators that can convert various environmental stimuli to mechanical works have revealed great potential for developing smart devices such as soft robots, ...

Graphene-based actuator swarm enables programmable deformation

The conductivity of living organs, such as the heart, could be imaged non-invasively using quantum technology

New quantum technology could help diagnose and treat heart condition

If you see people walking down a street and coming to a junction, it's difficult to predict which direction they might take. But, if you see people sitting i...

Surfing the waves: Electrons break law to go with the flow

Bidirectional optical signal transmission between two identical devices using perovskite diodes

A combined optical transmitter and receiver

Turning a brittle oxide into a flexible membrane, conducting state to insulating state, and changed its magnetic properties

A new way to fine-tune exotic materials: Thin, stretch and clamp

Researchers at the Institute of Industrial Science, a part of The University of Tokyo, demonstrated a novel artificial intelligence system that can find and ...

AI finds 2D materials in the blink of an eye

Study shows that a simple urine test can reveal the presence of lung cancer in mice

New sensors could offer early detection of lung tumors

New measurements from single electron tunneling provide spectroscopic evidence for a 'pair density wave' coexisting with superconductivity

Scientists see energy gap modulations in a cuprate superconductor

Biochemists have created "smart" proteins that function inside human cells by turning genes on and off

Turning cells into computers with protein logic gates

Sustainable energy storage is in great demand. Researchers at Uppsala University have therefore developed an all-organic proton battery that can be charged i...

An all-organic proton battery energized for sustainable energy storage

‘There is hope for this horrible pandemic,’ says UBC scientist Dr. Josef Penninger

Trial drug can significantly block early stages of COVID-19 in engineered human tissues



PyroGenesis Canada Inc (CVE:PYR) (OTCMKTS:PYRNF) has received the first payment of roughly C$1.4 million from its client, waste management company Drosrite International LLC.

Mar 26 2020

PyroGenesis secures first payment of $25M DROSRITE aluminum processing contract

Nanopharmaceuticals have many physical and biological advantages compared to conventional medicines such as enhanced efficacy, reduced toxicity, improved solubility and stability, targeted tissue selectivity and extended-release.

Mar 20, 2020

M&As and strategic partnerships to drive development of nanopharmaceuticals

On March 6, 2020, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced that up to $20 million in funding is available for workforce development at universities in emerging energy fields.

March 13, 2020

DOE Announces Funds Available For Workforce Development At Universities

Park Systems, the global leader and innovator of Atomic Force Microscopy and Metrology solutions, and imec, world-leading R&D and innovation hub in nanoelectronics and digital technologies, have signed the 2nd Joint Development Project (JDP) within 4 years to increase the development efforts for future generation in-line AFM metrology solutions. The official signing ceremony has taken place February 17, 2020, at imec's headquarters in Leuven, Belgium.

March 9th, 2020

Park Systems and imec sign the 2nd JDP to increase the strategic investment in developing Nano-Metrology Solutions for Semiconductor Manufacturing

To help fight the COVID-19 epidemic and solve the shortage of preventative gear such as surgical masks, Adrian Cheng, CEO of New World Development (“NWD” or “the Group”) on Friday announced that the Group will set up local mask production lines through its charity foundation to produce 200,000 masks a day in Hong Kong SAR. Production is expected to start in April 2020, and the masks will be given for free to the public as part of NWD’s efforts to combat the coronavirus. In addition, NWD will invest HK$10 million and work in partnership with Master Dynamic Limited (MD), a leading Hong Kong material analysis and nanotechnology company, to research and develop the application of NanoDiamonds te

March 2nd 20202

New World’s Adrian Cheng Announces New Initiatives to Combat Coronavirus

Nanoform, an innovative nanoparticle medicine enabling company, has established Nanoform USA Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary in the US. This is a natural progression for the company as it continues to increase the impact of its award-winning nanonization™ technology and expand its major pharma client base in the US.

Feb 10, 2020

Nanoform Establishes US Subsidiary

Zepler Institute, Nano-Silicon Photonics Group, and Glasgow university to extend Cornerstone facility.

A rapid prototyping service for photonic integrated circuits is being expanded in a new funding success at the University of Southampton's £120 million cleanroom complex.

Feb 12 2020

ORC's silicon photonics fab wins £1.5m for expansion

Saudi Arabia will take part in the implementation of the project to create a scientific and technological valley at the Al-Farabi KazNU. An agreement on this has been reached during a meeting of Rector of the leading Kazakhstani University, academician Galym Mutanov, with the Deputy Minister of Science and Innovation of Saudi Arabia (SA), Mr. Nasser Mohammed аl-Akili, the press service of KazNU informs.

Feb 05 2020

Investment in science and innovation

The MoUs signed between two countries include one between Indian Institute of Technology Delhi and UiT, The Arctic University of Norway for cooperation in fields such as bio-photonics, health and diagnostic tools, nanotechnology, water management and renewable energy.

Feb 04 2020

India-norway Sign Mous In Field Of Research And Higher Education